Biography - brianreesephotography
Who Am I?

I am a commercial wedding, portrait, and corporate photographer in Austin and surrounding areas. My photographs have been in magazines, catalogs, websites, and videos around the globe.

I got my start around 13 years ago when I was thrown into the marketing world from my drafting chair. I was handed a film camera, a video camera and a computer with all Adobe products on it. I was already teaching myself how to animate and create visual effects so I was nervous about how well I was going to do as a marketing specialist.

It didn't take long before I was designing catalogs, websites, ads for magazines and yes... photographing products and people. It wasn't until about a year into this new venture that I started carrying this film camera around outside of work. I made it a goal to figure this "stupid camera" out. Tons and tons of rolls of film later, I was getting the hang of it. It was then I started actually taking a real interest in shooting for myself. I took pictures of everything. I learned every angle I could, lighting, modifiers, etc...

12 years later, hundreds of clients, and new doors opening around every corner... I sure am glad I took the time to learn and create with this new media I wasn't sure about. I have a full time job as a visual effects artist, animator, photographer, cinematographer, and show programmer. Photography and video are side ventures for me so my goals, opinions, techniques, and timing are quite different than that of many studios, full timers and other photographers. And it shows.

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